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The Criminal Procedure Act 2009 has been in operation for a few years now. While there continues to be interpretation and amendment of its provisions, the transition from the old legislation to the new has successfully been made, and a blog exclusively dedicated to the Act is no longer necessary.

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24. Preliminary brief to be served if charge-sheet filed

24. Preliminary brief to be served if charge-sheet filed

If a charge-sheet is filed in accordance with section 22(1), the informant must—
(a) serve a preliminary brief on the accused within 7 days after the day on which the charge-sheet is filed; and

(b) on the return date have available a copy of the preliminary brief for provision to the accused or the legal practitioner representing the accused, on request.
1. Section 36 sets out how a preliminary brief must be served.
2. Section 37 sets out the contents of a preliminary brief, including a copy of the charge-sheet.


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